Department Profile of Microbiology:

In recent years, microbiology the world over, has made unprecedented growth in terms of new technologies, new ideas and principles. Today’s world is world of microbiology which is everlasting. The knowledge of Microbiology is useful for various field such as medical field, Industrial field and Agriculture field . Though Microbiology is a branch of Science which deals with study of microorganisms. In the walk of everyday life, we are very much associate with the microorganism. The research organizations and industries that work in this frontier area are in need of highly skilled and scientifically oriented manpower. With this views, Microbiology Department was started in 2016 and since from it has been consistently working towards excellence. The department always keeps itself with the updated syllabus and trains the students for contributing various fields after graduation.

The well-equipped laboratories form the backbone of the department by contributing significantly to the practical adeptness of the students. It has well equipped laboratory all required sophisticated instruments and also well qualified staff.

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