NAAC Steering Committee (2018-2019)

Designation Name
Chairman Prin. Dr. Arvind Burungale
Coordinator Dr. Dongare M.L.
Criterions: *Chairman and Members
Criterion – I: Curricular Aspects *Prof. Dr. Nimbalkar R.S
Prof. Jade S.V.
Prof. Pandharbale S.A
Dr. Rodage K. D.
Prof. Shivarkar S.Y
Prof. Gaikwad B.A.
Criterion – II: Teaching, Learning and Evaluation: *Prof M.R.Jare
Prof. Pandharbale S.A
Prof. Dr. Patil V.D
Dr. Wagh G. S.
Dr. Kale R. B.
Prof. Yujurvedi Madam
Criterion – III: Research, Consultancy and Extension : *Prof. Dr. Pandharbale Sir
Prof. Patil Madam
Prof. Shitole S. M.
Prof. Dr. Pasale S.K.
Prof. Kalel N.S.
Criterion – IV: Infrastructure and Learning Resources: *Prof. Dr.A. M. Dhumal
Prof Dr. Hingane D.G
Prof. Khodage Sir
Prof. Ghodake G.K.
Prof. Yajurvwdi V S
Prof. Navale S.(lib)
Criterion – V: Student Support and Progression : * Prof. Wagh G S
Prof. Hipperkar sir
Prof. Devkate Sir
Prof. Dr. P.B.Chavan
Prof. Jagtap S.B.
Prof . Dr. Misal S.B.
Prof. Mrs. Yadav S. R.
Prof. Mali B. B.
Prof. Navale P. A.
Criterion – VI: Governance, Leadership and Management: * Prof. Hipperkar sir
Prof. Pisal S. H.
Prof.Gavade Sir
Prof. Mrs. Bhamare M. B.
CriterionVII: Innovations an Best practices *Prof Dr. S.S.Savant
Prof. S.H.Pisal
Prof. Pandharbale Madam
Prof. Dange A. M.
Prof. Mestry N. R.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Sr. No. Name of the faculty Representative Designation
1 Prin. Dr. Arvind Burungale Head of the institution Chairperson
2 Hon Shri Dilip Tupe Management Representative Member
3 Hon Shri Chetan Tupe Management Representative Member
4 Hon Shri Ashok Tupe Management Representative Member
5 Hon. Dr Vishnu Halnor Industry Representative Member
6 Hon. Dr Govind Umarji Alumni Representative Member
7 Dr. A.M.Dhumal Teacher Representative Member
8 Dr. S.S.Sawant Teacher Representative Member
9 Prof. M.R.Jare Teacher Representative Member
10 Dr. R.S.Nimbalkar Teacher Representative Member
11 Dr. P.B.Chavan Teacher Representative Member
12 Dr. Wagh G.S Teacher Representative Member
13 Dr. Pandharabale A.R Teacher Representative Member
14 Prof. Hipparkar A.U Teacher Representative Member
15 Miss Arati Parawade Student Representative Member
16 Shri R.R.Jadhav Office representative Member
17 Dr. M.L.Dongare Coordinator Member Secretary

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